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Do you have bed bugs? Not sure if you need a bed bug exterminator or not? Call EcoWeb bed bug exterminators today to get a free visit from a bed bug professional. Our highly trained pest control specialists will evaluate your pest problem and quote you on the spot based on their findings. Your typical bed bug treatments that you can find in the stores are in most cases ineffective. In most cases it results in the bed bugs moving around, possibly even becoming chemically resistant.

Signs of Bed Bugs

Signs of bed bugs could be waking up with red itchy bumps. This could be a sign of bed bug bites and a possible allergic reaction. You may also see one of these bed bugs in your bed. Bed bugs aren’t too small to see. If you see a pest on your bed you may want to have a bed bug professional to come evaluate your home. 

Will an Exterminator Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

The process to get rid of bed bugs for a home owner can be tough. Bed bugs will hide in a lot of places; mattress creases, blankets, couches, clothing, shoes, furniture, and stuffed animals. For 100% satisfactory in removing bed bug infestations you must first remove these types of items from the infested room and place them outside. Your bed bug professional will ask you to do so upon arrival.

Bed Bugs in an Apartment Building

If you live in an apartment building and have bed bugs it’s important that you let the front office know. Bed bugs disperse fast and can spread from apartment to apartment. Eventually leading to the possibility of the entire building being infested with bed bugs. Contacting the office ensures that each tenant around you is contacted for a bed bug inspection. Preventing the possibly of a bed bug spread.


How Much Does Bed Bug Extermination Cost?

If you’re reading this then you’re concerned you may have bed bugs. Asking your self how much are these bed bugs going to break the bank. Bed bug professional services can get a little pricey depending on how sever you infestation is and how many rooms the bed bugs have spread to. Typical bed bug treatments can cost anywhere from $100-$1,500. Your bed bug inspection is free and a quote is given after your bed bug professional assesses the property. Giving you the option to move forward with our bed bug services.

After Bed Bug Treatment

After your bed bug treatment is complete your bed bug professional will ask that you bag all of you belongings you put outside for two weeks. This process will kill any bed bugs you may have living on those items. After the two week period is up your bed bug professional will come back out to assess your treated areas again. If by chance there are more bed bugs found our bed bug professional will retreat those areas again. Repeating this process until your home is completely free of bed bugs.


bed bug exterminator

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